Timeless & Emotional design clothes

UNUM et idem

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Emotional & timeless approach

UNUM ET IDEM from Latin means unity of the body, mind, and soul. Creating in a way, that our garments speak to the mind, embrace the body and tremble the soul.

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Sculptural & modern minimalistic design

UNUM ET IDEM creates conscious clothes with long-lasting, non-seasonal, timeless, wearable designs. The quantity of products is small, with a limited number of pieces. It allows us to strive for uniqueness and respect individuality!

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Conscious & circle fashion

UNUM ET IDEM is a slow fashion brand that kindly invite to return worn UNUM ET IDEM products to us after use.  We will prepare them for second-hand sale. This is a fantastic opportunity to cut down on undesirable clothing, before updating your wardrobe.

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