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UNUM et idem

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                     Elevate Yourself with UNUM et idem

UNUM et idem, rooted in Japandi philosophy that celebrates unity among the body, mind, and soul. We create for a woman who embraces her unique self. Thus wearing UNUM et idem is always a teamwork between clothes and you resulting in a touch of invisible yet strongly felt elevation.

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Sculptural Aesthetics & Modern Minimalism

UNUM et idem Incorporating principles that prioritise sculptural and modern minimalistic design, characterised by clean lines and the use of natural materials, we are dedicated to creating  emotionally resonant pieces that last forever.

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Conscious & circle fashion

At UNUM et idem, our dedication lies with conscious slow fashion. We promote circular fashion by encouraging the return of well-loved UNUM et idem items for second-hand sale. This is a fantastic opportunity to cut down on undesirable clothing, before updating your wardrobe.

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