The world’s annual emission of non-wearable clothing is massive: Almost 13 million tons are discarded in America alone. About 350 thousand tons in Great Britain and in Lithuania we get rid of more than 700 tons of non-wearable clothing that are still of good quality.

This is how our idea was born – The return of our branded UNUM et idem clothes and selling them again as second-hand clothing.

UNUM et iden team, invites our customers to return their worn, tired of, damaged, or non-wearable UNUM et idem products and return them to us. To show our appreciation, we will be pleased to give a 30% discount for your next purchase from our range of products.


If you have not already created a Precious member account, this is a friendly reminder to create one and fill out the form in the “GIVE A SECOND CHANCE” section.


Packed shipment can be sent to us at: 

UNUM et idem studioDrobės st. 62-311, Kaunas, Lithuania, 45181

And last 

After receiving the package, we will send a message to your “Precious member” account with your 30% discount code, valid for three months.

Then We

After receiving your no longer desired, used UNUM et idem clothes, we will prepare them for second-hand sale. This is a fantastic opportunity to cut down on undesirable clothing, before updating your wardrobe.


We believe that giving a chance to unwanted garments that you’re tired of, can bring joy to another person who will be more than happy to have purchased clothing with a story.