About us

Timeless, emotional yet modern minimalistic design

UNUM et idem founded in Northern Europe, Lithuania, by friends who understand the power of clothing.


UNUM et idem is a Latin phrase addressing the unity of the body, mind, and soul.

We believe, that the soul brings us exactly where we need to be. It evokes feelings when we explore the world and allows the body and mind to take shape. We believe that all three cannot exist without one another. Creating in a way, that our garments speak to the mind, embrace the body and tremble the soul.

Indrė Makarevičė – Graduated from the University of Central Lancashire (UK) and Vytautas Magnus University (LT) with a Bachelor’s degree in fashion design. Her story dates back to her sister, who from an early age inspired her dream for clothing, shapes, and colors through her example of sewing and that creativity has Infinite possibilities. That feeling followed Indre all her life, and after 10 years in the marketing field, she chose to pursue a path that was deep in her heart all along. She immerses herself in creativity and designs clothes that evoke a sense of inner happiness.

Authentic things are born in the hands of Jolanta Ruigyte, which reflects her many years of expertise working with a renowned Swedish designer, as well as her personal challenges in developing her own fashion line. She aims to produce clothing of the highest qualitythought-out to the smallest detail, and for it to lay on the body flawlessly. Persistence and high standards for herself allow her to achieve results that warms the heart and delights the eyes. Jolanta has 20 years of experience in the fashion industry and feels excited to share it with UNUM ET IDEM clothing.